WTI Sidewinder

ADH Fire Equipment Service offers aftermarket installs anywhere in the US. WTI has been in business for over 20 years and is respected worldwide as a Video Surveillance Systems innovator and a quality manufacturer that carries an ISO 9001 Certification.

We carry WTI’s Standard, High Definition and Thermal cameras which can be installed on a tower, extending pole or flush mount. The cameras are controlled by a Rack Mount, Desktop Controller and/or a Hand-Held Controller. Flush mount monitors which are built to withstand harsh environments are available to mount in any compartment of your apparatus. Still mount cameras are available for surveillance of any property.

All of WTI’s cameras have a Hydrophilic “self cleaning” glass lens that ensures a clear picture at all times. Upon request these cameras can be equipped to remotely view a scene via the internet. Whether you would like to have a camera installed or you just need the parts to do the install yourself ADH is here to help you.  

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